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When choosing the Design-Build method, the owner places project responsibility and control under a single contract with one team - the "sole responsibility" concept. The Design-Build contractor assumes responsibility for all phases of the project, rather than dividing it between engineers, designers and subcontractors. This eliminates the need to hire, schedule and supervise the architect/engineer, subcontractors and suppliers as well as limit unexpected scheduling problems and cost overages.

The owner is always a member of the Design-Build team, and can rely upon a single source of professional construction management to insure that project specifications are met on-time and on-budget.


For projects that are already designed, GEM offers a package of steel detailing and fabrication.
Because GEM buys directly from steel mills and joist and deck manufacturers, there are no extra mark-ups. The “Build Different” philosophy insures proper coordination between the various Division 5 categories and eliminates the ever too common communication issues insuring that your project moves forward in a timely manner. GEM maintains an extensive and ongoing quality assurance program for continuous quality production.


Where possible we want to make sure we provide the best value for every dollar the client spends. As a result there are times when we can take existing plans and re-examine them to Value Engineer the project. This close inspection allows for an in depth look at their project. Safety and quality are not compromised, but often, examining a different way of building the project is worth the effort. By concentrating on Value Engineering and taking into consideration the availability of steel, the joist and girder factors and the pre-engineered metal building factors, GEM is able to engineer a unique building system to the client that has the most cost effective measures factored into the project.